Administrative Building

Behind the administration building is our pipeline of welding jobs and our dyehouse.

Production plant and laboratory studies

Behind this building is the wired mesh production lines and galvanization; 4500 m2 covered plant and staff offices (such as purchasing and accounting)

Storage and preparation

Our newly acquired and restored building - raw material storage and product preparation.

Botanical Garden

The environment and its beauty are very valuable to us. Both the physical and mental health as well as the respect for nature, we have designed every square centimeter of our environment accordingly.

Cameras Everywhere

The monitoring of our plants and buildings is monitored by numerous security cameras. This we owe to the maintenance of our plants towards our employees.

Evironmental Protection

We are proud to say - even the standards of our own nation and of European environmental authorities are surpassed in our production. Because ...: If the nature doesn't exist no much longer, WE also remain no much longer...

Fruit Trees Everywhere

even unused areas of our plant are usefull for other things. So ... our staff can eat healthful organic fruit, also...


with the very latest and health-friendly technology.

Health Security

We are constantly competing for the safety of our staff, because we have trained our staff with care, so we won't loose them ...

Nogarbage - New Sources

This is no waste! These are new resources! - "That's no trash and no junk - these are valuable raw materials for production. If we destruct the raw materials in the world, we also destroy our own future.

One of our cranes

: With dozens of cranes, the intermediate products are transported back and forth.


Coloring procedures depending on labor union health standards.

Palet Templates

Pallets are welded together in precise models.

Qualitative Increments

To increase the quality of our products and to increase the work efficiency, our quality department designs constantly permanently new work strategies.

Recycling Area

This waste products are collected in order to make recycling available. This means a re-gain from all respects.

Seperatedand Categorized Planing

The entire plant are fanned out according to the divide-and-rule principle. Thus, there are numerous independent departments, without performance-onerous obstacles.

Use of rainwater

Not stinginess, but becouse of respect for our nature.

Ware house / Inventory

The raw materials arrive, ... they're assembled to pallets and then beeing transported to the far world. ... A permanently liquid process, such as processes in an organism.