Frequently Asked Questions

Which browser should I use to visit your website ?

You can use all standard browsers to visit our website.For best results, it's recommended to use: Chrome, Firefox , IE 8 und higher.

How can i get help in urgend situations ?

In emergency you can click on the menu "Emergency"on our website and try to get in contact to relevant persons per phone, fax , E-Mail , SMS or personaly in their offices.

Are copyright conditions used on your website ?

Definitivly, yes.

How may I tell you rceommendations or complaints?

In the "Departments" menu you will find the right persons to contact. Tell these people your opinion or disclaim. Your problem will be solved as soon as possible.

In which cyclus do you update your website ?

Due to the modular stucture of our new website, the latest update will be integrated within 24 hours.

Is it necessary to take permission use all or parts of information on your website for personal or business use ?

Yes. To save and print or use any information, you require the written permission of the relevant department. Otherwise you are violating copyright.

Is it possible to personally apply as potential employee to you ?

You can come along with your CV and original sertifications. You can also fill out the CV areas of our website.

Are TTK informations have been integrated on the website ?

Yes, detailed information due to the new economic law are in our website.