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From The Board of Directors

Annual Lecture:

Under the influence of the world economic and financial crisis, all the economical wounds that continue, another year has begun.The depth of the crisis of the past years and the duration of treatment extends still exists. It seams to be that, neighbor countries of the European Community, and in particular the measures taken in Greece directly affect the public at large economically dimension and become both a political and social explosion in the near future. With the right choices the crisis in the United States thought to be under control after the end of the year. But the resulting financial / political problems are expected to remain still on the agenda for a while.

In the last half of the country's economy and the policies implemented in the first half of the year at first it warmed up, then tried to cool. Although the decrease in the growth rate in the direction of the current account, we think we're in the right positive direction and we've conceived a good economic year. A stable exchange rate policy has been followed and kept the inflation rate under control. We expect, that 2013 goes in the same direction with a more better growth potential.

Our group also operates a successful year on new investments like the last year and has planned the construction of additional facilities. The quality of our products and the productiv success was continued close by the registration of them in the international arena. Our project work plan, the level of investment in new and existing projects are continuing issues operating a conservative approach.

Best regards

Administrative Body